Your Perth home is probably the most valuable asset you own. It’s important to take care of it and make sure it looks its best. One way to do that is by repainting it every few years.

In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why you should repaint your home and provide some tips on how to do it! So, whether you’re a new homeowner or just looking to spruce up your space, keep reading.

Why Do You Need to Repaint Your Home?

There are several reasons why it’s important to repaint your Perth home. These include:

Protecting your home from damage
A fresh coat of paint can protect the exterior of your home from harsh weather and other external factors.

It can also protect the interior of your home from mold and mildew. Without regular repainting, these elements can cause deterioration and costly repairs in the long run.

Increasing curb appeal
A fresh coat of paint can make your home look more attractive and increase its value. This can be a great way to boost curb appeal if you’re looking to sell your home, or just make it a more pleasant space for yourself and your family.

It makes your house stand out
A new coat of paint in a bold or unique colour can make your house stand out in the neighbourhood and give it some personality. It’s also a great way to express your own personal style and make the space truly feel like “your” home.

Improving overall aesthetic
Even if your current paint job is in decent shape, repainting can give your home a fresh, updated look.

This can improve the overall aesthetic and make the space feel cleaner and more inviting. It’s an easy and affordable way to give your space a fresh, new feel without having to do major renovations.

How To Go About Repainting Your Home

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why it’s important to repaint your home, let’s talk about some tips for doing it.

Plan ahead
Before starting the project, make sure to plan ahead and prepare adequately. This includes choosing a colour scheme, budgeting for materials and hiring professionals if necessary, and scheduling a time for the project to be completed.

Budget appropriately
It’s important to budget appropriately for materials, tools, and potential labor costs. Research prices of paint and other supplies, and make sure to account for any extra expenses that may come up during the project.

Choose the right paint
It’s important to choose high quality paint that is suitable for the surface you’re painting (such as exterior or interior walls). It’s also crucial to consider factors such as longevity, ease of application, and desired finish (such as matte or glossy).

Consider hiring professionals
Depending on the size and scope of your project, it may be beneficial to hire professional painters. They have the expertise and equipment to efficiently and effectively complete the job, potentially saving you time and hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I repaint my home?

This can vary depending on factors such as the material of your home’s exterior and the climate you live in. Generally, repainting every three to seven years is recommended for both interior and exterior surfaces. 

Keeping an eye out for signs of wear and tear, such as chipping or fading paint, can also help determine when it’s time for a new coat.

Can I repaint my home myself?

Yes, you can definitely attempt to repaint your home yourself. However, it is a time-consuming and potentially difficult task, especially if you are not experienced with painting or working on large-scale projects. 

If necessary, consider hiring professionals or enlisting the help of friends or family members with experience in painting.

What are some ways to save money on repainting my home?

Some ways to save money on repainting your home include buying paint and supplies in bulk, using coupons or sales, and doing some of the prep work yourself (such as removing old paint or taping off surfaces). 

It may also be more cost-effective to hire professionals for larger projects. Overall, thorough planning and budgeting can help save money on the repainting process.

Is it necessary to use primer before repainting?

Primer can be helpful in ensuring that the new coat of paint adheres well and looks smooth. It can also be useful for achieving a more uniform color, particularly over previously painted surfaces. 

However, in some cases it may not be necessary. It ultimately depends on the current condition and type of surface being painted, as well as the type of paint being used. Consulting a professional or reading product instructions can help determine if primer is necessary for your specific project.


In conclusion, repainting your home can have many benefits, such as improving overall aesthetic and making it a more pleasant space to live in. It’s important to plan ahead, budget appropriately, and consider hiring professionals if necessary. 

Repainting every three to seven years is recommended for maintaining the appearance of your home. Once you’ve completed the project, make sure to properly maintain your new paint job. This includes regularly cleaning surfaces and touching up any chips or scratches. Contact PrimerFacie for all your Commercial painting and home painting needs. 

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